New Jersey Bankruptcy Eligibility

Filing bankruptcy is an important decision, and one that you want to make only once you have received expert counsel and have a clear understanding of the options and opportunities available to you. While we are ready to help you if you have already determined that filing bankruptcy is the direction you need to go, we are also here to make sure that you choose the right option (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy). We also want to ensure we evaluate with you if there is a better option for your situation.

How do I know if I should file bankruptcy?

If you can no longer keep up with the payments on your credit cards, it may be the time to consider filing bankruptcy. If your wages are garnished after a judgment, it may be time to consider a bankruptcy. If you are in foreclosure and behind on your mortgage payments, it may be time to consider filing bankruptcy. If you have overwhelming debt of any kind and it just does not look like there is any way to pay, it may be time to consider bankruptcy. If any of these describe your current situation, it would be helpful to contact us and let us help you assess if filing bankruptcy is the best answer for you.

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