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One of our primary goals as New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers is to arm you with as much education as you need to ensure you are making good decisions about your finances and your life. Filing bankruptcy can be a daunting journey, but with the right legal representation to journey with you, you can get to the other side and begin rebuilding your life. We welcome you to research us thoroughly by watching our videos, reading our blog, and then setting up an appointment so we can get to know you and your current situation to help you find some peace of mind. Provided by our legal staff,  we are here to help you understand all the moving parts in the bankruptcy process.

Moving  towards a fresh financial start can seem tough to achieve from the outside looking in, but it doesn't have to be with the right staff by your side! Our New Jersey experienced attorneys take each bankruptcy case personally and will be your personal guide every step of way. 

Our First Legal Meeting About Bankruptcy - David Stevens Sessions Part 1

For some, meeting an attorney for the first time about bankruptcy can be nerve-wrecking. What can you expect from your first meeting with this professional? Watch this video of Attorney David Stevens as he talks you through what it's like when you first sit down with him in his office to discuss your bankruptcy claim. 

If you are in need of a step-by-step explanation, then let David explain the questions he'll ask you during your consultation meeting and what information you should have on hand to answer his questions and make this initial process as smooth as possible. During this critical meeting, he will ask you to thoroughly explain your current situation and why you requested assistance. He will then lay out your present options and help you make the best decision for your financial needs. Watch his video for a full explanation of a meeting with David. 

Income Information Needed When Filing Bankruptcy - David Stevens Sessions Part 2

What specific information do you need before you file for bankruptcy? Attorney David Stevens explains in further detail how the first conversation will take place in his office when you bring your bankruptcy claim to him. There are certain documents will need and will not need during this meeting. During this video, David will address all of these essentials.

You'll learn about the various information you should bring to the consultation, which can fluctuate depending upon if you are an individual or business owner. There are different documents for each type of case, so he will be very specific and help you understand which items you will need to bring to his office. David will then outline the myriad points of income and expenses that must be considered as a debtor. Watch his latest video to learn more. 

Monthly Expenses Going Forward During Bankruptcy - David Stevens Sessions Part 3

So you decide to file for bankruptcy. Before you dive into this financial and life-changing process, what monthly expenses that should be considered while going through your bankruptcy claim? 

In his latest video, our Attorney David Stevens reviews all the different expenses that can be taken into consideration for your year spend on the average. You should always keep in mind the possible expenses that are unique to your life situation and share those with your attorney, so they can determine whether they are relevant or not. View his Monthly Expenses During Bankruptcy video to learn more on this topic and be fully prepared with your bankruptcy meeting with David. 

Evaluating Assets during a Bankruptcy Filing - David Stevens Sessions Part 4

When filing for bankruptcy, it can be confusing to determine which assets of yours should be disclosed in order to determine their value. Which one of your assets should be considered for this slice of the bankruptcy process?

In this video, our Attorney David Stevens outlines the specific assets you'll need to document in order to learn their value. 

Why is this step of the bankruptcy process important? By completing this crucial step, there is likely to be fewer complications in your bankruptcy case. Some assets could be protected, so being honest and forthcoming with David or our other attorneys will only help your case. 

Our New Jersey attorneys have handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases across New Jersey. Through years of the bankruptcy process in numerous diverse areas of bankruptcy, including Chapter 7, 11, and 13, the Law Firm of Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens, & Cammarota has earned expertise in these myriad areas and acquired the depth of knowledge demanded to handle your case will personal care. 

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