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Debt Relief Through Debt Settlement Companies? Beware of False Promises

Many times when our firm consults clients for the first time, they often ask about the possibility of debt settlement and/or debt negotiation programs. Many have heard the ads over the radio or the television which "promise" or "claim" debt negotiation as an alternative to bankruptcy, where the company states it will negotiate with an individual's creditors to pay their debt at a mere percentage of the amount owed.

Often these companies allege that using their services will have no impact on a person's ability to get future credit, or that any negative information reported can be removed from your credit report when you complete the debt negotiation or debt consolidation program.

Bankruptcy Cuts Across All Boundaries


The financial issues that have impacted our country in the past decade have spared no one. Every person likely knows someone, whether they are aware of it or not, who has suffered from our economic depression / recession, and has had problems meeting their expenses, whether it be a mortgage payment, credit card bills, medical expenses, or suffered from some other type of collections action, such a repossession of a vehicle. For many people, bankruptcy is an option to wipe the slate clean, and receive a "fresh start" as is contemplated under the Bankruptcy Code.

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