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Debt Collection Threats Inspire Case Against Offenders

[fa icon="clock-o"] October 27, 2013 [fa icon="user"] Scura Law Firm [fa icon="folder-open'] Debt Management

debt-management-njDebt Management NJ

When you borrow money to purchase a house, to finance your education, to lease a car, to pay your medical bills or to tend to a host of other needs and desires, you are responsible for paying that money back. However, more and more Americans are finding that it can be difficult to pay every bill on time, every time. When life gets messy and complicated for a variety of reasons, your bank balance may simply not allow you to pay your creditors back on time.

It is important to note however, that simply because you may owe lenders money does not give those lenders the right to treat you however they please. A number of laws protect consumers from various kinds of creditor harassment in order to ensure that lenders do not go too far in trying to collect debts both large and small.

Help From a Debt Management Attorney in NJ

Unfortunately, not all lenders play by these creditor harassment rules and sometimes consumers must seek the counsel of experienced attorneys in order to make the illegal behavior stop. Thankfully, many brave consumers and savvy attorneys are finding ways to hold creditor harassers responsible for their ill treatment of debtors. Even the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is fed up and ready for action against those seeking to harass consumers struggling with debt.

Last month, the FTC filed its first case against harassers who threatened consumers via text messages in addition to phone calls. The text messages and accompanying phone calls were so inappropriately aggressive and deceptive that the federal agency felt compelled to take action. Because in the end, even though consumers are responsible for repaying their debts, they are entitled to respect and a certain kind of treatment under the law when creditors seek to have those debts repaid.

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Source: Huffington Post, "Debt Collectors Using Terrible New Tactic Get Fined $1 Million

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