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Stop Garnishment with a Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer

[fa icon="clock-o"] December 15, 2015 [fa icon="user"] Scura Law Firm [fa icon="folder-open'] Bankruptcy, Debt Management

bankruptcy graphic and gavelAre Creditors Going After Your Paycheck?

If you have defaulted on debts, creditors can go to court to garnish your wages. If they are successful, a large portion of your earnings could be deducted, making it even harder to make ends meet on what's left of your paycheck.

Filing for bankruptcy may be your only option to prevent or stop the garnishing of your wages. Depending on the nature of your debts, bankruptcy may erase what you owe to certain creditors or halt garnishment and allow you to repay them over time.


The lawyers of Scura, Wigfield, Heyer & Stevens, LLP, represent individuals, couples and small business owners of northern and eastern New Jersey. Contact us to arrange a free consultation about preventing wage garnishment and other benefits of bankruptcy.

Our New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Prevent Wage Garnishment

Filing for bankruptcy creates an automatic stay which all creditors must honor. From the date your bankruptcy petition is filed, creditors cannot call your home, take you to court or initiate garnishment of your paychecks. If your wages are already being garnished, the employer must stop deducting your pay upon notification of your filing.

Our attorneys handle both Chapter 7 discharge of debts and Chapter 13 debt repayment plans. In either case, filing for bankruptcy will prevent or halt garnishment.

What About Child Support Garnishment?

Bankruptcy will not protect you from garnishment for child support or alimony. However, by restructuring your debt in Chapter 13 or discharging other debts through Chapter 7, you should be better able to meet these court-ordered obligations.

Answers to Your Bankruptcy and Garnishment Questions

To discuss how to stop garnishment of your wages and the other benefits of bankruptcy, call us at 973-870-0434 or contact us online today for a free initial consultation. With offices in Wayne, Hoboken and Elizabeth, the law firm of Scura, Wigfield, Heyer & Stevens, LLP, welcomes clients of Passaic County, Hudson County, Union County and throughout New Jersey.

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