We Offer Free Initial Online Consultations

In these tough times of uncertainty, a face-to-face meeting is not necessary. Our firm offers free, no-obligation consultation services and online application options.

We will go over the options of your case in detail. For almost all cases, documents can be signed electronically. For personal injury cases we can evaluate your claim, process any forms and obtain your approval without you having to leave home. For Bankruptcy cases, we can do the complete client intake process and have you sign necessary documents via e signature. Once the bankruptcy petition is prepared we will need your actual signature but will arrange a way to have the bankruptcy petition signed by you. For Real Estate cases, almost all documents can be signed electronically depending on the banks involved in the transaction.   

Before you make any decisions you can have a video conference or call to discuss your present situation. You will have the comfort of knowing that our firm that has been around for over 40 years and is there to protect you.


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24/7 Phone Service – Call Us Anytime

Attorneys are available and ready to speak to you. Please feel free anytime to give our firm a call to discuss your case.

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We Offer E-Signature Convenience

All case forms can be signed via e-signature. It is simple and we will walk you through the process.In these trying times, our firm wants to make sure that clients avoid unnecessary contact.

Our experienced attorneys are ready to assist and discuss your present situation.


Pandemic Related Business Interruption Claims for Businesses

If your business has been impacted negatively due to COVID-19 related closures, your business interruption policy might cover your losses during this time. However, insurance companies across the country are unfairly denying these claims. If your business has been shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you should speak with an attorney with knowledge as to insurance coverage issues. Your insurance company will do anything not to pay on your claim.

We know that times are tough for business owners. Many companies that have been paying for a business interruption policy for years without filing a single claim are being denied immediately. We offer free policy evaluations for business owners who are not able to operate their businesses. Click here to learn more.