New Jersey Business Law

If you are considering starting or expanding a business operation in New Jersey or New York, your business law attorney can be just as important as your banker and business plan. No business ever wants to have to use a litigation lawyer, but setting things up correctly in the beginning, or revising your business to ensure you have all your legal bases covered, can help you not land your business in litigation. Here at Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens & Cammarota, LLP, we have been helping individuals and owners of small businesses with business transaction legal services for nearly 20 years. Contact us to learn more about our complete range of business law services in the following areas:

range of business law services

Business Litigation and Contract Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, there are times when a business may dissolve, or a bitter dispute occurs, in which lawsuits are involved. These conflicts can often be resolved through compromise and negotiation. However, when a compromise cannot be reached, litigation is a tool to aid all parties involved in reaching a desired solution. Since business quarrels can quickly ignite, it is vital to plan out a feasible strategy with detailed goals in mind. In doing so, it is essential to comprehend the divergent possible outcomes and prospects of success. This characterization of a successful outcome will vary from circumstance to circumstance and business to business. Having an experienced attorney at the negotiating table can often help avoid costly litigation and further complication. If you are facing what is sometimes referred to as "corporate divorce" or if a lawsuit becomes necessary, you need a skilled trial attorney to protect your rights as a shareholder or corporation. Our experience in this area can help ensure the protection of those very rights.

If communication is problematic attributable to inter-personal battles or if a resolution seems intangible, together we will determine whether mediation would be a practical option for your company’s situation. Mediation is a non-binding procedure where neutral third party listens to both sides of the issue or dispute and attempts to foster a solution. Another alternative quarrel option open to our clients is Arbitration. In an Arbitration, both parties agree to be bound by the conclusion of the third-party neutral Arbitrator. This option is akin to trial by which the two parties are granted the prospect to display their case to the Arbitrator. The Arbitrator will then examine the provided evidence and render a verdict legally binding on both parties and enforced by the Courts. Our team of lawyers are well-versed in all of the methods and techniques demanded for this process and can assist your company navigate a path for the most profitable and efficient outcome of any disagreement.

Corporate Transaction Law

When handling your prominent business matters, our attorneys conduct case preparation, in-depth investigations, and persuasive presentations before a judge and jury. When your reputation, business fortunes, and rights hang in the balance, we take these matters with great seriousness.

You need an experienced corporate transaction law attorney to protect your legal interests while you're working toward your business goals. Our firm can handle all your corporate law needs. There are many legal intricacies contained within the New Jersey statutes pertaining to corporations. Our experience would be invaluable to your corporation. Additionally, our firm is prepared to handle any of your business legal problems.

Contact one of our corporate transaction and business litigation lawyers to discuss your specific business law needs. Our focus is on your success.