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Common Myths of Bankruptcy

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings around the topic of filing bankruptcy and good bankruptcy lawyers can help you begin to get a clear picture of whether filing bankruptcy is right for you, or if there are other options.

Our site is full of important information about all things bankruptcy related. We handle Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcy, so we are ready to discuss every option that fits your situation.

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What to Do If Your Bank Account Is Levied?
Common Accidents in Hoboken, NJ
Got Sued by a Creditor, What are My Options?
Bankruptcy Soars Among Americans 65 and Older
Bankruptcy: Taking the First Step
Can Chapter 11 Stop Judgments Entered Against My SMB?
Cost of Bankruptcy
What Happens to My Car Loan When I File for Bankruptcy?
Can I Buy Luxury Goods Before I File Bankruptcy?
Reaffirmation Agreements During a Bankruptcy
Are Student Loans Dischargeable in a Bankruptcy?
What I Like Best About Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
What Happens to My Financed or Leased Car in a Bankruptcy?
The Truth About Debt Consolidation Companies
What Happens When You Receive a Foreclosure Notice?
10 Tricks Insurance Companies Use After an Accident
10 Tricks Insurance Companies Use After an Accident
Overview of the Bankruptcy Process
Overview of the Bankruptcy Process
Different Types of Bankruptcy-David Stevens
Different Types of Bankruptcy
What to do if you were tricked by your insurance company
What to do if You Were Tricked by Your Insurance Company
Can I File for Bankruptcy if I Own a Business?
Can I File for Bankruptcy if I Own a Business?
Can People find out about my Bankruptcy?
Can People Find Out About My Bankruptcy?
Common Myths About Bankruptcy
Common Myths About Bankruptcy
Most Important Auto Insurance Coverage in New Jersey
The Most Important Auto Insurance Coverage in New Jersey
Will Bankruptcy Stop Creditor Calls-David Stevens
Will Bankruptcy Stop Creditor Calls?
filing bankruptcy as a married couple
Do Married Couples Have to File Bankruptcy Together?
Personal Injury Protection Coverage (PIP) in NJ
Image for Chapter 13 Video-John Scura.jpg
Are SBA Loans Dischargeable in a Bankruptcy?
What Does It Mean to Get a Bankruptcy Discharge?