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Considering bankruptcy? Have a recent injury? Worried about the complications of law? At Scura, we're problem solvers who know the right approach to your dilemma
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Working with Scura means working with attorneys who, after years of experience researching law, know the path to your solutions.

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We are New Jersey lawyers with experience you can trust

Our team handles all types of bankruptcy, personal injury, estate planning, real estate law and litigation cases. We are ready to journey with you towards resolution and ensure that you get the best legal representation available in New Jersey.

We believe you deserve excellent representation

Life happens. There are challenges you could not anticipate that arise and threaten to derail you and your family. Who you select to represent you in these challenging circumstances can make a world of the difference. Contact us today and le us know how our team can help you navigate your case successfully.

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Other Services We Provide Expertise In:

Business, Corporate

Business, Corporate and Civil Litigation

Having trouble in the business and corporate worlds? Dealing with civil malpractice? We can help.

Estate Law & Administration

Estate Law & Administration

Are you struggling with managing your legal estate? Need help administrating your finances? We can help.

Employment Law
Employment Law

Employment Law

Are you facing unfair discrimination based on your gender, sexuality, race, or disabilities? We can help.

Elder Law & Medicaid Planning
Elder Law & Medicaid

Elder Law & Medicaid Planning

Is your loved one facing the reality of a living will or advanced medical directive? We can help.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Are you dealing with legal difficulties in regards to property law? We can help.

Bankruptcy & Personal Injury



We understand that bankruptcy can be scary. You need a New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer you can trust to guide you on this unplanned journey. We will work with you to determine the best direction to take for filing bankruptcy based on your situation. Unlike other firms, we help individuals and businesses proceed with all types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7, 11 and 13 Bankruptcies. We can advise you on the best options for filing bankruptcy in New Jersey. Call our experts today to discuss your personal or business bankruptcy.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Have you or a loved one recently suffered a serious or catastrophic injury? Are you facing an insurance company whose best offer won’t even begin to compensate the losses your family experienced, both financially and emotionally? It may be time to find yourself an experienced personal injury lawyer. Choosing the right New Jersey personal injury lawyer can make a significant difference when it comes to you getting fair compensation for the harm that you have experienced. You deserve an advocate in your corner who will represent you with compassion. We will take on insurance companies with determination so you can rest with peace of mind as you move forward.

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