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We Are Your NJ Personal Injury Law Firm

As Personal Injury lawyers, defending you is about two simple things:

  • Holding Insurance Companies Accountable
  • Providing Expert Trial Work

We Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

What we have seen in our years of experience is that if you hire the right personal injury attorney, often the case will not end up in court. It is our primary goal to ensure that the insurance company knows that you are not willing to settle for what they initially offer. Their job is to save their client money and exposure. Our job is to hold them accountable for providing fair compensation to you, the inured party. When we get to the finish line on your case, we want to make sure that you are “made whole,” meaning that you, as the injured party, are returned to the position you were in prior to the injury. Unfortunately, it often takes an aggressive fight to make them understand that your injuries and losses are real.

We Will Fight For Your NJ Personal Injury Settlement

Our trusted New Jersey attorneys are dedicated to achieving the best results for your case in an cost-effective, pragmatic manner. Our experienced team of attorneys have successfully handled hundreds personal injury cases with individuals and clients of all business sizes. We take our time to fully understand each client's objectives as well as our client business' business aspirations and operations. With all legal matters in our hands, we are proud to offer personalized client service and strive to safeguard each one of our client's best interest. Our experienced litigators are experts in the following personal injury cases:

We are NJ Trial Lawyers with Experience You Can Trust

If it becomes necessary to go to trial, you want a personal injury attorney who is comfortable with litigation, and up to date on the technology and techniques needed to help the jury understand your case thoroughly. The jury needs to see your problems, and what you have gone through since your injury, so they can make a fair and favorable ruling. Our personal injury lawyers understand that the best way to present your case to juries is to use both audio and video technology, appealing to both sight and sound of jurors. The old world of lawyers just droning on and on to juries and judges has passed and effective persuasion using today's technological tools available is the only way to win personal injury cases in the way they should be won.

Your initial consultation is free, and if we take the case, there are no attorney fees unless we help you recover money.

The Law Office of Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens, & Cammarota LLP delivers comprehensive, vigorous, and efficient legal representation in personal injury matters throughout Passaic County, Essex County, Bergen, County, and Union County. As adept courtroom litigators, we understand how to appropriately value a personal injury case and prepare for a trial aimed to secure your best possible outcome. Our acute preparation works to augment the likelihood for a settlement, and we will be fully equipped to take on every obstacle in our path.

As your personal injury lawyers, we will represent you, fight for you, and stand by you until the case is resolved. We take no fees if we don’t win. We encourage you to make the best choice as you look for a New Jersey Personal Injury lawyer, and contact us today by calling 973-870-0434 or schedule your free intitial consultation.

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