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Bankruptcy Attorneys serving Wayne

The bankruptcy attorneys of Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens & Cammarota have been serving the residents of Wayne since 1972. Our attorneys and team of legal professionals place a high priority on ensuring our clients’ needs are met beginning with the first time they contact our office.

We recognize that individuals and businesses in financial trouble need trusted, compassionate, experienced legal counsel. They need someone who understands the Bankruptcy Code, but they also need someone who understands the frustration, stress, and anxiety they experience as they struggle to pay debts they cannot afford to pay.

They need bankruptcy lawyers who place their clients’ best interests before anything else.

Our Core Beliefs Support Bankruptcy Clients

If you are struggling financially, locating an attorney to help you file for bankruptcy relief may feel overwhelming. A quick online search for bankruptcy attorneys gives you a long list of potential law firms. It can be difficult to know which firm to contact. However, hiring the right bankruptcy firm is the first step in recovering from a financial crisis.

How do you know which Wayne bankruptcy firm to hire? You learn more about the firm by what they believe.

At Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens & Cammarota, our core beliefs give you a good idea of why you will benefit from hiring our law firm to help you file for bankruptcy relief. For example, we believe that good people are often presented with difficult and challenging circumstances. You may have tried everything you could think of to get out of debt, but every option failed.

Being unable to pay your debts does not mean that you deserve to suffer. It does not mean that you do not want to pay your debts. It simply means that you encouraged a financial crisis that has left you in an impossible place.

We believe in helping people be in a better position when they leave our firm than when they came into our firm. In many cases, bankruptcy may be the best option for you to get out of debt while protecting your income and property.

Many of our clients come into our office to meet with one of our Wayne bankruptcy attorneys feeling hopeless and scared. By filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, they can eliminate debt and get the fresh start they need to begin recovering and rebuilding after a financial crisis.

How Do I Know if Filing Bankruptcy is Right for Me?

Several signs typically indicate a person might need to file for bankruptcy relief. Some of the signs that indicate you may need to contact a Wayne bankruptcy lawyer include:

  • Zero cash flow (i.e. unemployment, accident, illness, etc.)
  • Unable to pay your debts
  • Using credit cards and lines of credit to pay normal monthly living expense, such as food and utilities
  • Little to no money in the bank after paying your living expenses (living paycheck to paycheck)
  • Using money from your retirement account or equity line to pay debts
  • Constant calls from creditors or debt collectors
  • Threats of repossession, foreclosure, wage garnishment, or debt collection lawsuits If you can check off any of the above boxes, it is time to talk to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Wayne about a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Our attorneys discuss all debt relief options with you during your free consultation. Before you leave our office, you have a complete understanding of your debt relief options, including bankruptcy options.

Am I Eligible to File a Bankruptcy Case?

Most individuals and business are eligible to file for debt relief under at least one chapter of bankruptcy. Several factors determine whether you are eligible to file under Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

During your free consultation, our attorney carefully analyzes your financial situation to determine eligibility for certain chapters of bankruptcy. The attorney also performs a thorough analysis of your current and past financial history to determine which chapter of bankruptcy gives you the best protections and advantages.

What is the Difference Between the Bankruptcy Chapters?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is available to individuals, spouses, and companies. In a Chapter 7 case, the court liquidates any non-exempt assets to pay unsecured creditors. The good news is that most Chapter 7 cases filed in New Jersey are no-asset cases, meaning that you get rid of your debts while keeping all your property.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are reorganization bankruptcies. Through a 36 to 60-month bankruptcy plan, you repay some of the debts that you owe. Your Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment is calculated based on several factors. Many people who are in jeopardy of losing their home, cars, and other assets turn to Chapter 13 to prevent losing their property.

Businesses and individuals with debts that exceed the Chapter 13 level can restructure their debts through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. Chapter 11 bankruptcies can save a company that may be on the verge of closing its doors.

Are You Ready to Learn More About Debt Relief from a Wayne Bankruptcy Attorney?

We have a great deal of bankruptcy information on our website, but nothing is better than meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer in person. Our law firm offers free consultations so that you can learn more about the bankruptcy process from highly skilled and experienced bankruptcy lawyers in Wayne.

Call 973-870-0434 or 888-412-5091 to speak with a representative. You may also chat with us online or complete our online contact form.

Our legal team is here to help you during this frustrating and frightening period. You do not need to face this challenge alone. You can have an entire law firm in your corner, providing support, guidance, and legal counsel as you take the first steps on the road to financial recovery.

About Wayne, New Jersey

Our office in Wayne is located at 1599 Hamburg Turnpike, Suite A, Wayne, NJ 07470. We have been fortunate to meet and get to know many of the wonderful residents of Wayne and Passaic County during our time serving this area. Wayne is a beautiful suburban area located just 20 miles from midtown New York City. According to the township’s Mayor, Wayne offers something for everyone, including excellent recreational facilities, educational system, business centers, shopping, and museums.