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Personal Injury Attorneys serving Hoboken

If you are searching for a personal injury lawyer in Hoboken, we are the law firm for you. You could be searching for an injury attorney because you were involved in a car accident. A defective product, medical malpractice, or a dog bite might have injured you. It does not matter. Our attorneys have experience handling all types of personal injury cases.

If you have been injured, seek legal advice from a reputable, local injury attorney immediately. Call our office to schedule a free consultation with one of our Hoboken personal injury attorneys. You can get the legal advice you need without worrying about how to pay a consultation fee or feeling obligated to hire a law firm.

What Types of Personal Injury Claims Does Our Law Firm Accept?

Our personal injury law firm in Hobokenaccepts cases that involvepersonal injuries arising from a variety of situations. Examples of the injury and accident cases we handle include:

  • All types of motor vehicle accident cases, including cases involving pedestrians, bicyclists, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, large trucks, and passenger cars
  • Elder abuse and neglect cases, including nursing home injury claims
  • Injuries related to premises liability laws, including playground injuries, slips & falls, and construction site accidents
  • Injuries related to animal attacks, such as dog bites
  • Defective product claims, including pharmaceutical injuries
  • Injuries related to medical malpractice and medical negligence
Our Hoboken personal injury attorneys take accidents very seriously. We believe that accident victims and their families deserve full compensation for injuries, damages, and losses sustained because of another party’s negligence and wrongdoing. Our legal team provides assistance, guidance, and support during painful, stressful, and difficult times in a person’s life. Let us be there for you when you need an experienced accident attorney in Hoboken to protect your legal rights.

We Believe inProviding Exceptional Service to Each of Our Clients

The Hoboken personal injury attorneys of Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens & Cammarota have been serving the community of Hoboken since 1972. Our beliefsset us apart from other New Jersey personal injury law firms. We believe that you deserve competent, reliable, and experienced legal counsel to help you recover compensation for your damages. Standing up for people and helping people is what we do.

Our attorneys understand good people find themselves in challenging and difficult circumstances that are not their fault. Therefore, we strive to give you real options to help overcome this difficult challenge. We believe that when your personal injury case is complete, you should be in a better position than when you come to visit us the first time.

Three Important Things You Need to Know About a New Jersey Personal Injury Claim

Below are the top three things we want you to understand if you have been injured.

You have the right to consult an attorney.

The insurance company or claims adjuster may tell you that you do not need an attorney. That is correct. You are not legally required to hire a Hoboken personal injury lawyer.

However, it is in your best interest to consult an attorney after an accident. The insurance company does not have your best interest in mind when it evaluates your claim. Its goal is to pay you as little as possible to settle your claim. Our goal is to obtain full compensation for all damages and losses related to your injury.

A Hoboken accident attorney protects your best interest. An attorney understands the legal requirements for proving fault and liability. In addition, a lawyer has the resources and skills you may not have available to handle a complex personal injury claim.

Do not agree to a settlement before your doctor releases you from care.

An insurance company may offer you a quick settlement. Do not accept the settlement if you are still under a doctor’s care or without consulting an accident lawyer in Hoboken. Once you settle your claim, you are unable to recover additional compensation, even if you discover you sustained a permanent impairment or incur additional losses.

It is always in your best interest to complete medical treatment before settling a personal injury claim. It is also wise to consult an attorney to ensure you are receiving a fair settlement for your injury claim.

Your time to file a personal injury lawsuit is limited.

The insurance company may delay your claim unnecessarily to run out the statute of limitations (deadline) for filing a personal injury lawsuit. In some catastrophic injury cases, you may still be receiving medical treatment as the deadline to file a lawsuit approaches. To avoid losing your right to file a legal action claiming damages from an accident, negligence, or other wrongdoing, contact our office now to schedule your free consultation with an attorney.

Deadlines vary depending on the type of case and the circumstances involved in the case. Do not rely on general comments about the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New Jersey. Ask an attorney! If you wait too long, you could lose your right to seek compensation for your medical expenses, loss of income, physical pain, emotional suffering, and other damages.

Do You Have Questions About a Personal Injury Claim? Ask a Hoboken Personal Injury Attorney!

The above information is just a summary of some of the information you need to know about filing insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits in New Jersey. You need to consult an attorney to learn other important information about your injury claim.

Do not allow a negligent or careless person to get away with causing your injury. Work with an attorney to hold that person responsible for the damage caused by his or her actions.

Call 973-870-0434 or 888-412-5091 to schedule your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Hoboken.

About Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken, known as The Mile Square City, is in Hudson County located in Northern New Jersey. The city is part of the New York metropolitan area and the Hoboken Terminal is a major transportation hub for the area. It is also home to the Stevens Institute of Technology. The attorneys of Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens & Cammarota are proud to provide legal services to the residents of Hoboken.