Is It Time to Consider Your Estate Planning Needs?

A legacy is thoughtfully constructed not only by awarded property provided by a trust or will, but the values and aspirations the award exemplifies. Families and individuals alike must exceptionally plan on how to utilize their assets to mold their ideal legacy in these two ways. Nonetheless, these strategy grace more than the financial domain. They entail serious consideration of the desires and necessities of current and following generations.

It is never too early or too late to start planning ways to protect your family finances for the future. Wills and trusts are very important legal tools for you to protect your loved ones from making tough decisions about your final wishes and financial matters after you die. 

For many years the goal of estate planning was to assure that your intentions were achieved with respect to who should inherit your assets and under such conditions you might wish to impose.

While that remains the primary objective of modern estate planning, the reality of the potential impact federal and state estate and inheritance taxation can have must now be addressed so that it can be minimized or eliminated entirely.

From years of experience representing numerous generations of wealthy clients in New Jersey, Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Steven’s and Cammarota’s estate planning attorneys grasp how personal these prominent decisions are for individuals and families.

Our services range from the drafting of simple wills, as well as powers of attorney and living wills, to sophisticated estate plans involving complex testamentary documents, trusts, gift making programs, and the like.

We also handle guardianship and conservatorship proceedings, and represent fiduciaries in inheritance and estate tax matters before the Internal Revenue Service, the New Jersey Division of Taxation and the Florida Department of Revenue.

Initial Consultation

For nearly 20 years, Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens & Cammarota, LLP, has been the estate planning law firm families throughout eastern New Jersey and New York City have turned to for their estate planning and probate law administration needs. A consultation fee is charged for all estate planning and estate administration matters.   The cost of the initial consultation will be credited towards services performed.

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A Complete Range of Probate Law Services

In addition to estate planning legal instruments, our lawyers also provide fiduciary and probate services families need upon the death of an estate holder:

  • Probate representation
  • Estate administration, dealing with creditors
  • Contested will litigation
  • Trust administration
  • Legal assistance for executor

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