Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

As the baby boomer generation head towards retirement, Medicaid and eldercare planning for older adults is more imperative than ever. Unfortunately, the planning process has become enormously involving and dense, numerous families are delaying their decisions towards this process until it’s too late.

Elder law, including Medicaid planning, is one of the fastest growing areas of the law and another in which the experienced attorneys of Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens & Cammarota, LLP practices. Providing for the client's well-being while preserving wealth, however modest, for the next generation within federal and state laws is the primary objective of that area of practice.

At Scura, we are not only your lawyers, we’re also people with families. We understand the challenging matters circling Medicaid preparation and we’re here to help your family craft an effortless plan that works for your individual circumstance while upholding your dignity throughout the process.

We assist our clients in processing Medicaid applications and accompany them through every phase of the process. We also handle guardianship applications for minors and incapacitated individuals.

We subscribe to the view of the Honorable Lawrence Bracken of the New York Supreme Court who stated: “No agency of the government has any right to complain about the fact that middle-class people confronted with desperate circumstances choose voluntarily to inflict poverty upon themselves when it is the government itself which has established a rule that poverty is a prerequisite to the receipt of government assistance in the defraying of the costs of ruinously expensive, but absolutely essential, medical treatment.”

Without efficient medicaid planning, costly medical procedures and custodial care can rapidly drain a family’s life savings in a very short amount of time. That’s why it’s vital to have a legal advocate by your side who can help you construct your plan and make sure you and your family aren’t overpaying for vital health care services.

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