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March 31, 2023 Jamal Romero

Entitled to an Inheritance While in a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Individuals who are bankrupt have a duty to inform the trustee in bankruptcy of any property they become entitled to after the date of the bankruptcy. You would hope, therefore, that if a beneficiary...

March 31, 2023 Jamal Romero

What is a Judgment Lien?


March 31, 2023 Roshni Shah

Distinguishing a Domestic Support Obligation in Divorce-Related Debt

The saying goes, “when it rains, it pours.” Unfortunately, that is often the case with bankruptcy and divorce, where one tends to trigger the other. When faced with options, it may be beneficial to...

March 24, 2023 Carlos Martinez Bankruptcy

The Effects of Bankruptcy on Co-Signed Debt

March 8, 2023 Tim Bartzos, Esq. Workers Compensation

NJ Workers’ Compensation Retaliation


March 8, 2023 David L. Stevens

What is Nonexempt Versus Exempt Property in Bankruptcy?.

When filing for bankruptcy, one of the most critical issues that a debtor must address is how their property will be classified. Bankruptcy law divides property into two classifications: exempt and...

March 1, 2023 Aiden Murphy, Esq. Bankruptcy

The Role of the Bankruptcy Trustee in New Jersey Bankruptcies

After a person files a bankruptcy petition, they will be assigned a date for their “Meeting of Creditors,” also known as the 341 Meeting. Although bankruptcy debtors will not actually meet with their...

March 1, 2023 David L. Stevens

Objections to Creditor’s Claims

A creditor who wishes to recover money from a debtor in bankruptcy is required to file a “proof of claim” which is a written statement describing the reason for and amount of the debt allegedly owed...

March 1, 2023 Aiden Murphy, Esq.

Default Judgments Explained

To gain any judgment against an individual, a plaintiff must first file a complaint. Normally, the defendant will file an answer, the parties will file applicable motions, attend settlements, and...

February 27, 2023 Tim Bartzos, Esq.

Can Temporary Workers File Workman’s Compensation Claims in New Jersey?

In 2022, there are over 127,000 temporary employees working around the United States. Temporary employees make up a large majority of the economy and can be beneficial to any workplace. But what...

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