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September 14, 2023 John J. Scura III Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Home Inspection Checklist and Legal Issues in a Real Estate Purchase In New Jersey

When you enter a contract to purchase a property in New Jersey it is essential that you allow for sufficient time to conduct and inspection of the property and provide a list of demands for repairs...

August 17, 2023 Scura Law Firm

Understanding Easements: an Essential Part of Purchasing Property

Easements are a common area of property law. But many people do not know what an easement is and how it can affect them until they are late in the home-purchasing process. A qualified attorney is...

August 15, 2023 John J. Scura III

How to Best Deal with Student Loans in 2023 with Current Legal Uncertainty

The student loan debt crisis is a major financial burden for many Americans and the recent Supreme Court decision has created chaos for student loan borrowers in need of relief. In 2023, the average...

August 14, 2023 Paul Evangelista

What does it mean to have filed for Chapter 11 in “bad faith”?

A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy can be dismissed by the bankruptcy court for any of a number of reasons identified in Section 1112(b)(4) of the Bankruptcy Code. However, the Third Circuit, and therefore New...

August 7, 2023 John J. Scura III

New Jersey Rule of Evidence 611 Allows Leading Questions of an Adverse Party Without First Establishing that the Witness Is Hostile

What is a Leading Question?

August 3, 2023 Aiden Murphy, Esq. Bankruptcy

Repossession and Bankruptcy

We’ve previously discussed the automatic stay, and its effects that become active when a debtor files for bankruptcy. However, what happens when property of the debtor, such as a car, is repossessed...

July 27, 2023 Scura Law Firm Probate and Estate Law

What Makes a Valid Will?

What is a Will?

July 25, 2023 Scura Law Firm Probate and Estate Law

Power of Attorney: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

It is recommended to start estate planning as soon as you become a legal adult, at 18 years old. It is important to be prepared, even as a young adult because, unfortunately, unexpected situations...

July 25, 2023 Scura Law Firm Probate and Estate Law

Estate Planning Unraveled: A Guide to Last Will and Testament vs. Revocable Living Trust

Estate planning can seem daunting at first glance. However, it is important to ensure you and your assets are prepared for the future. In order to ease some of the tension surrounding estate...

July 25, 2023 Scura Law Firm Probate and Estate Law

Securing Your Future: The Importance of an Advance Medical Directive in Estate Planning

An advance medical directive is an important aspect of the estate planning process. Nobody wants to think about unfortunate medical issues that may arise in their future. However, it is important to...

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