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April 7, 2022 Guillermo J. Gonzalez

New Jersey Supreme Court Heightens Standard of Care For NJ Transit

On February 17, 2021, the New Jersey Supreme Court in Maison v. New Jersey Transit Corporation, et al.  issued an opinion that heightened the standard of care owed to passengers on the New Jersey...

March 31, 2022 Guillermo J. Gonzalez Insurance Claims, Personal Injury

Disclaiming Insurance Coverage In Personal Injury Actions

One of the most difficult issues that arise during a personal injury case is when the insured’s/defendant’s insurance company seeks to disclaim liability coverage. This can be extremely frustrating...

March 11, 2022 Carlos Martinez Bankruptcy, Debt Management, Chapter 7

Debt Consolidation is a Scam

A few days ago, I met a couple from New Jersey looking for financial assistance. As we went over their financial difficulties, they began telling me about this “debt consolidation program” they were...

March 11, 2022 Carlos Martinez Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, tax

Can You Discharge Overpayment of Unemployment Benefits In Bankruptcy?

In March 2020, thousands of businesses were forced to shut down,many Americans were left without a job, and millions applied for unemployment benefits. According to State of New Jersey’s Department...

March 1, 2022 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy, Credit, student loans

What Does It Mean to Discharge in Bankruptcy?

Discharge in bankruptcy means to eliminate, or wipe out, a debt. Under a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for example, unsecured debt, such as credit cards, personal loans, or medical bills, can be completely...

February 8, 2022 Carlos Martinez Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, tax

Tax Season 2022: Discharging Taxes through Bankruptcy

Although we’re still a couple of months away, the April 15th tax deadline will be here before you know it, and if you already owe income taxes for previous tax years, you could be facing an even...

February 8, 2022 Carlos Martinez Divorce, Bankruptcy

How to File for Bankruptcy During a Divorce

Filing for divorce is never an easy process, especially if one of the spouses files for bankruptcy in the middle of a pending divorce. This blog will explore the factors that individuals need to...

February 2, 2022 John J. Scura III Insurance Claims, Car Accident, Personal Injury

The New Jersey Insurance Fair Conduct Act Helps Consumers with Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

On January 18, 2022, Governor Murphy signed a historic bill that will permit an insured to file a bad faith claim against its own insurance company where it fails to reasonably settle an...

January 20, 2022 David L. Stevens

Foreclosures and Evictions Have Already Started in New Jersey

Due to COVID-19’s continuing negative impact on the economy, thousands of New Jersey residents are still experiencing financial difficulties. Among these are homeowners receiving foreclosure...

October 18, 2021 David L. Stevens

Are Private Student Loans Dischargeable Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code?

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