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David Stevens, Esq. Admitted to Practice Before the United States Supreme Court

February 26, 2024 Scura Law Firm

David-Stevens-02dScura Wigfield Heyer Stevens & Cammarota, LLP is proud to announce that David Stevens, a distinguished member of our legal team, has been admitted to practice before the bar of the United States Supreme Court. This prestigious accomplishment is not only a testament to David's unwavering dedication to the legal profession but also elevates the level of advocacy and service we can provide to our clients.

Being admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court is an honor that few attorneys achieve. This admission signifies that David Stevens has met the stringent qualifications required by the highest court in the United States, including a demonstration of high moral character and competence in legal practice. It allows him to present cases and argue before the Supreme Court justices, an opportunity that arises in matters of great public importance or in cases that challenge and refine the interpretation of constitutional law.

David's admission to the Supreme Court bar underscores our firm's commitment to legal excellence and our capability to represent clients in the most significant legal matters at the highest level. We are confident that David's ability to engage with cases of national importance will not only enhance our firm's reputation but also contribute to the broader legal discourse in our country.

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