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Hudson County Jury Returns $550K Verdict for Broken Ankle


Apple Watch with Slip-And-Fall Detection


The tech titan just released the polished version of the Apple Watch, with a meld of pioneering components to help consumers live a safe and healthy lifestyle. Along with an enhanced electric heart sensor, the Apple Watch Series 4 can now lend a hand during a crisis situation.

Study - Hospitals greatly overcharging patients

Receiving timely and affordable medical care is important for New Jersey residents; however, obtaining medical care that is affordable is not always the case when a diagnosis, treatment and surgery are required and a patient does not have insurance coverage. Hospital bills can accumulate and add up to a large outstanding debt. For some residents in New Jersey, medical debt can be a huge burden, causing some to consider debt relief options to escape his or her financial challenges.

Bicycle Accident in New Jersey

Bicycles are one of the most vulnerable vehicles on the roads and are even more vulnerable than motorcyclists. In 2010, almost 800 bicycle fatalities were reported with an estimated 515,000 bicycle related injuries. Owing to the gravity of the problem, New Jersey law makes a lot of provisions regarding bicycle safety norms.

$20 Million Sought in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Toyota

Undoubtedly, New Jersey residents have heard about Toyota's sudden acceleration lawsuits that have made headlines the past couple of years. Cars play a huge role in everyday life and are heavily relied upon for work, getting kids to soccer practice and weekend excursions. For car owners, the thought that your car could suddenly accelerate without your doing so is a terrifying thought. Fatal car accidents are devastating for a family. However, learning that a death could have been prevented but for a company's negligent behavior can be emotionally unbearable. In such cases, a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate.

Asbestos-Related Death Results in Premises Liability Lawsuit

New Jersey residents who have been injured while on another's land understand the need for proper compensation for any injuries sustained. An accident or injury can cause both physical and financial damage, and leave a victim burdened. A premises liability lawsuit can provide a victim a monetary award for the damages and injuries sustained.

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