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Investors Put Subchapter V to Work

March 5, 2024 Scura Law Firm Chapter 11, Business Bankruptcy, Business Law



Partner John Scura quoted in the Insightful Article "Investors Put Subchapter V to Work." This piece sheds light on how investors are leveraging Subchapter V, Small Business Chapter 11s, of the Bankruptcy Code to navigate financial challenges and seek new opportunities.

The article offers a comprehensive overview of the current trends and strategies employed by investors in today's dynamic economic environment.  For those interested in understanding the practical applications of Subchapter V and its impact on investment strategies, I highly recommend giving this article a read. It's an essential resource for investors, financial professionals, and anyone keen on the evolving landscape of bankruptcy law. 

The Deal Investors Put Subchapter V to Work-images-1


The Deal Investors Put Subchapter V to Work-images-3


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The Deal Investors Put Subchapter V to Work-images-4



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