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Wrongful Death Suit Brought Against Energy Drink Company

November 23, 2012 Scura Law Firm Product Liability, News

energy_drinksNew Jersey residents who have lost a loved one often search for answers in an attempt to bring closure to their loss. Occasionally, the reason for a death can prompt family members to file a wrongful death claim. Recently, popular energy drinks have drawn negative attention for their possible side effects and even death.

The company Monster Energy Drinks was subject to scrutiny from the FDA after a wrongful death lawsuit was filed by parents of a teenager who died. Most recently, 5-Hour Energy drinks are now under the FDA's microscope. According to FDA records released by the New York Times, investigation uncovered severe reactions from the drinks, and 13 deaths. In total, there have been 90 reports of an incident with the energy drinks.

Similar to 5-hour Energy, the FDA had five reported deaths allegedly connected to Monster Energy Drinks. Perhaps most alarmingly, energy drinks are not subject to study in clinical trials prior to entering the market place because they fall through the cracks -- they are neither supplements nor medications.

Legally speaking, a court can give a financial award to family members in a wrongful death suit. Typically, a court will award medical and funeral expenses, and there can also be loss of services and support, pain and suffering and loss of consortium.

A wrongful death lawsuit can be brought by spouses, parents or children of a victim. Family members may be entitled to compensation when an individual, or in this case a company, is at fault. While a wrongful death lawsuit may seem difficult and emotionally draining, it can be an option for family members in order to compensate their loss in a monetary manner.

While a wrongful death lawsuit will not bring back their loved one, it may ease the financial and emotional burdens that their loved one's loss brought. It is important to remember that there are legal remedies to help family members, as well as bring attention to negligent individuals or companies.

Source: Forbes, "Can Energy Drinks Kill, Reprise? New FDA Investigation This Time Names 5-Hour Energy"

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