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I Wish Someone Told Me Sooner - Special Webinar on Medical Directives & Powers of Attorney



Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens & Cammarota, LLP, attorneys Peter Cammarota and Joe Hallock feature in this new special webinar. In this collaboration with New Jersey’s Seton Hall Alumni Association, we discuss living wills and their legal ramifications. At any moment, a person might need to make a decision to compose their own living will in preparation for a potential medical emergency. Attorneys need to be there to help these individuals and their families traverse the difficult terrain of this territory, preparing for the worst and being ready to cover all the potential problems that might arise as a result.

This video is a primer for those who need to know. You will learn the legal terms, hear examples of these topics in action, in order to prepare a living will in the state of New Jersey. Our attorneys will aim to answer any question you may have about the powers of an Attorney-in-Fact, the Advance Directive, and living wills. You will learn how the Power of Attorney functions in the state, as well as thoroughly understanding what documents you will need to have in order to process and deal with this troubling, legal challenge.

In short, we will examine the following:
1. What is an Advance Directive?
2. How does a Power of Attorney work?
3. What important documents do I need?
4. What happens if a family member is unable to make any medical or financial decisions as a result of incapacity?

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