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April 19, 2024 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy


February 1, 2024 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy

Notice Requirements in Bankrupcty

November 2, 2023 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy, Business Bankruptcy

Merchant Cash Advance in Bankruptcy in NJ

Merchant cash advances can provide an easy solution to a small business’s cash flow problem. However, these types of loans are often seen as predatory and, in some states, usury. While it can be a...

September 29, 2023 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy, Consumer Bankruptcy

Understanding Involuntary Bankruptcy: A Guide for Debtors and Creditors

Bankruptcy is often used by both individuals and businesses to “wipe the slate clean” and get out from often crippling amounts of debt. Most bankruptcies filed are done so voluntarily by the debtor....

July 24, 2023 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy, Chapter 13

Rebuilding Credit During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Proceedings

Are you in the process of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but eager to start rebuilding your credit? Maybe you have been considering paying off your Chapter 13 plan early. Or maybe you have been thinking...

July 20, 2023 David L. Stevens

What is the Difference Between Discharge And Dismissal in a Bankruptcy Case?

A bankruptcy petition is not meant to clog up the courts forever. A case can either be discharged or dismissed once it has been filed. With a discharge, a debtor has performed their obligations under...

May 24, 2023 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy

Navigating Bankruptcy as a Creditor: Essential Insights and Strategies

May 2, 2023 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Court’s Loss Mitigation Program (Loan Modification Process Made Easier)

Bankruptcy can be a difficult and overwhelming experience for individuals and businesses alike. While it provides a way to eliminate or restructure debt, it also has a significant impact on credit...

March 8, 2023 David L. Stevens

What is Nonexempt Versus Exempt Property in Bankruptcy?.

When filing for bankruptcy, one of the most critical issues that a debtor must address is how their property will be classified. Bankruptcy law divides property into two classifications: exempt and...

March 1, 2023 David L. Stevens

Objections to Creditor’s Claims

A creditor who wishes to recover money from a debtor in bankruptcy is required to file a “proof of claim” which is a written statement describing the reason for and amount of the debt allegedly owed...

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