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How Can Three-Day Review Protect My Rights On Real Estate Contract in New Jersey?

After you make an offer to buy a house and the seller accepts that offer, a pre-printed form of contract is usually prepared by a realtor setting forth the essential terms and is singed by both the buyer and seller. Usually, an initial deposit is provided with an additional deposit to be paid within about ten days of the contract date. Once that process is concluded, however, what comes next?

Does a Mortgage Modification Trial Period Establish a Valid Contract?

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U.S. District Judge Freda Wolfson recently ruled in favor of a homeowner’s claim for breach of contract after the mortgage company failed to honor a permanent modification after the homeowner completed all of the requirements of the trial modification.

When Do You Need a New Jersey Short Sale Lawyer?


Should You Consider a Short Sale?

A mortgage short sale is not an option that everyone will want to consider. When debt becomes overwhelming, however, it is necessary to discuss your future financial stability with an experienced New Jersey short sale attorney.

A short sale is a very specific situation where the bank will agree to sell your house for less than you owe on the mortgage. The main question here is, what happens to the remaining debt? If you sell the house for less than is actually owed, the lender may forgive the remaining debt. Or, of course, the lender might require you to pay the difference.

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