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November 2, 2023 Paul Evangelista Bankruptcy

Do you need a social security number or other tax identification to file bankruptcy?

All United States citizens can request a Social Security Number, as well as some noncitizens that work or attend school who are authorized by the Dept of Homeland Security. In some cases, even those...

August 14, 2023 Paul Evangelista

What does it mean to have filed for Chapter 11 in “bad faith”?

A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy can be dismissed by the bankruptcy court for any of a number of reasons identified in Section 1112(b)(4) of the Bankruptcy Code. However, the Third Circuit, and therefore New...

October 14, 2022 Paul Evangelista Bankruptcy

Repossessed Vehicles and Using the Bankruptcy Process to Have Recently Repossesed Vehciles Returned

Many individuals have encountered instances when they cannot keep up with payments on their financed vehicles due to circumstances that impact their income or expenses. When individuals cannot make...

October 10, 2022 Paul Evangelista

Navigating Divorce Payments In A Bankruptcy

While filing bankruptcy normally allows a debtor a “fresh start” in regard to debts owed, not all debts are dischargeable. Dischargeable debts usually include those common debts, such as medical...

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