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September 14, 2020 Scura Law Firm Bankruptcy, Chapter 11

Scura Represents The First Subchapter V Bankruptcy Plan for an Individual

We are proud to present the first consensual Chapter 11 Subchapter V Bankruptcy Plan of Reorganization for an individual debtor. Here, the Debtor’s proposed plan of reorganization was approved by the...

June 10, 2020 Scura Law Firm Chapter 13, Debt Management, Chapter 11, Business Bankruptcy

Stripping of IRS or State of New Jersey Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

Liens can be a complicated problem for many individuals dealing with heavy debt issues. A lien is a claim or legal right against assets, most often property or real estate, which are utilized as...

July 25, 2018 Scura Law Firm Chapter 11, Business Bankruptcy

Navigating a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in New Jersey

Dealing with any type of financial challenges could be overwhelming, emotional and in some cases, embarrassing. With regards to business debt, our firm understands that business owners in New Jersey...

August 11, 2017 Scura Law Firm Bankruptcy, Chapter 11

What You Need to Know About Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

There are several types of bankruptcy, and each type varies depending on certain characteristics of the debt. For example, individuals can file Chapter 7, 11, and 13. Corporations must file either...

March 6, 2017 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy, Chapter 11

The Debtor’s Personal Guarantee & Confirmation of a NJ Chapter 11 Plan

Any small business owner knows the importance and difficulty in obtaining credit. Whether the need for financing is to purchase real estate, inventory, or to obtain terms with vendor, the small...

January 23, 2017 David E. Sklar Bankruptcy, Chapter 11, Business Law

A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Plan Can Help a Business With Heavy Debt

Many business owners find themselves in a situation where they are saddled with debt and can see no way out. These businesses may even own real property facing foreclosure. An insolvency proceeding...

November 18, 2016 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy, Chapter 11

How an Unwary Debtor Caused the Dismissal of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case

Bankruptcy is like being in a lobster trap. They are both easy to get into, difficult to move around in once inside, and difficult to get out of. This concept is particularly true when it concerns a...

July 15, 2016 Scura Law Firm Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Chapter 11

Common Myths About Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Fact and Fiction

Some people shy away from bankruptcy or wait too long to file because of misinformation. Sadly, they needlessly suffer through hardships or forfeit hard-earned assets....

January 15, 2016 Scura Law Firm Bankruptcy, Chapter 11

Individual Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases In New Jersey

Many individuals believe that Chapter 11 bankruptcy is only for businesses and big corporations. This simply is not true. If you meet certain debt requirements, Chapter 11 may be the best option for...

September 9, 2015 Scura Law Firm Bankruptcy, Chapter 11

Determining if Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is Right for Your Business

Running a business, whether big or small, is often a dream for many New Jersey residents. When that dream comes true, business owners may face some challenges. While small financial difficulties are...

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