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Product Liability: Consumer Rights When a Defective Product Injures a Consumer

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On a daily, weekly or monthly basis, consumers in New Jersey and elsewhere purchase goods for various reasons. In some cases, a product does not perform in the manner it was designed to. When this happens, it could lead to the product becoming dangerous and cause consumer injury.

When a dangerous product causes harm to a consumer, the consumer should understand their legal options. In order to make a product liability claim, the injured consumer should understand the different types of defect claims that are available.

Helping Victims Pursue Products Liability Claims


Most residents in New Jersey understand that there are various dangers in this world; however, many do not consider consumer goods to be one of those dangers. Nonetheless, many consumer goods, such as household appliances, automobiles, power tools, prescription medicine and children's toys, cause serious and even fatal injuries to consumers. And while this situation might seem rare, injured consumers should understand that they have rights in the matter.

Taking Action After Being Injured by a Dangerous Product


It only makes sense that when consumers in New Jersey purchase a product, they do not consider the hidden risks or dangers the product might possess. Yet every day consumers are injured through no fault of their own by dangerous products. Our law firm understands how manufacturing and design defects could lead to consumer injuries. An injured consumer could suffer greatly from a dangerous product, and they should understand their rights and legal remedies regarding their matter.

Consumer Injury and Filing a Products Liability Claim


It happens every day, residents in New Jersey purchase goods at the store either out of necessity or desire. Whether it is a home good, children's toy or an automobile, these products were designed specifically for a particular use. But when there is a manufacturing error or a design defect, a consumer could be greatly harmed by this now dangerous product.

While consumer injury is not the first thing on the mind of a consumer when they purchase a product, it is a real possibility that could seriously or fatally injure a consumer and others in their household. When a consumer is injured by a product, the idea of product liability is often addressed.

Claiming Damages for Product Liability in New Jersey


Almost all Americans have heard of a product being recalled. This is done to protect a consumer, whether from New Jersey or any other state, from a potentially harmful product. If a manufacturer or retailer of a product makes a defective product that may cause harm, the manufacturer or retailer may be held liable. This liability is called product liability.

Under New Jersey law, to prove product liability, a consumer needs to prove a three pronged test.

A Snapshot of New Jersey Products Liability Laws


Through a products liability lawsuit, a manufacturer or even the seller of a product in New Jersey may be held liable for injury caused to a consumer after using a defective product. In some situations, products liability can be framed as strict liability depending on the nature of the product.

Vaccine Recalled from New Jersey Anticipating Product Liability


For a consumer of goods in New Jersey, product satisfaction is always one of the top priorities. One thing that the consumer does not expect is to buy a product with his or her hard-earned money and to have the product not meet expectations. Imagine the person's dissatisfaction if the product turns out not only to be defective or damaged but also causes injury during use.

Product Liability: Toys in New Jersey Dangerous to Children

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With Christmas fast approaching, many parents are out looking to buy the latest and greatest toys for their kids. According to an annual survey of toys by the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG), even though parents try to buy the best toys possible, they sometimes end up buying toys that pose considerable risks to their children's health and well-being.

New Limits on Product Liability Lawsuits Against Generic Drugs?

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New Jersey residents rely upon prescription drugs for all sorts of reasons. Prescription medications are important parts of many residents' lives, and are used for a multitude of reasons, including allergies, birth control, pain management and depression. While there certainly are benefits of prescription drugs, science is not always precise and over time, certain drugs can cause side effects and problems for consumers.

Product Liability Settlement May Open Doors for Injured Patients

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Every year, a number of New Jersey residents are injured or from using defective products. The law protecting those injured by dangerous products is referred to as product liability law. While there are many parallels, product liability law is different from ordinary personal injury law, in that it is may be easier for injured parties to collect damages as part of a class action. Pharmaceutical products are frequently the subject of product liability lawsuits, so the following may be of interest to readers.

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