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September 29, 2023 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy, Consumer Bankruptcy

Understanding Involuntary Bankruptcy: A Guide for Debtors and Creditors

Bankruptcy is often used by both individuals and businesses to “wipe the slate clean” and get out from often crippling amounts of debt. Most bankruptcies filed are done so voluntarily by the debtor....

December 20, 2022 David L. Stevens Bankruptcy, Consumer Bankruptcy

Biden Administration Changes Requirements for Student Loan Discharge in Bankruptcy

As we have previously discussed, certain debts are excepted from discharge, meaning a debtor will still be responsible for them after their bankruptcy is concluded. This includes debts incurred by...

November 3, 2022 Eric Flaim Consumer Bankruptcy, Business Law

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act (“NJCFA”) and How LLCs/Corporations can Utilize the NJCFA

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act (“NJCFA”) is generally regarded as one of the strongest consumer protection laws in the United States.

January 22, 2016 Scura Law Firm Consumer Bankruptcy, Debt Management

Can Debt Collectors Collect Debt After You File for Bankruptcy?

Dealing with debt problems is never easy for residents in New Jersey, and making the decision to file for bankruptcy is certainly not any easier. However, taking this major step to deal with...

April 14, 2014 Christopher J. Balala Bankruptcy, Consumer Bankruptcy

Consulting a Consumer Debt Attorney on Discharging DMV Debts

It is obvious that people file bankruptcy cases with a consumer debt attorney to discharge (wipe out) their debts. There are some exceptions to the debts that can be discharged. 11 U.S.C. §523. For...

December 15, 2013 Scura Law Firm Consumer Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Cost

Should I File Bankruptcy? Issues to Consider

Many people ask themselves, "Should I file bankruptcy?" Everyone's situation is different, which is why you should always consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney before making that difficult...

May 22, 2013 John J. Scura III Consumer Bankruptcy, Debt Management

Dealing with A Hoboken Bankruptcy? Your Exemptions May Have Increased

One thing many Hoboken bankruptcy clients have been surprised to find out is that their exemptions increased. On April 1, 2013, the Federal Bankruptcy asset exemptions were increased by Congress. The...

January 19, 2012 David L. Stevens Consumer Bankruptcy, Debt Management

Ask a Financial Attorney: Bankruptcy and Default Judgments

When clients first meet with an attorney, bankruptcy procedures may seem intimidating or overwhelming. Earlier this week I met with my first client in our recently opened office in Hackensack, New...

January 10, 2012 David L. Stevens Consumer Bankruptcy, Debt Management

Ask a Bankruptcy Law Center: Are Custodial Accounts Protected?

Custodial accounts are a frequent issue bankruptcylaw centers handle.Custodial accounts are funds in which one person sets up an account, funds it with money or other property, and controls the...

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