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Shopping Injuries and New Jersey Premises Liability

 premises-liability-njWhether it is for necessities, a gift or a personal splurge, New Jersey residents often find themselves shopping at stores. While this is a relatively normal and routine task that appears to hold very little risk, shoppers are presented with dangers every time they walk into a store. Shopping injuries could happen suddenly and could leave a customer with serious injuries whether they are shopping at a grocery store, retail store or shopping mall.

As soon as a customer enters the parking lot of a shopping establishment they are subject to various risks. Even in the parking lot alone, many dangers may exist on the premises. Parking lot injuries could result from various factors such as an improperly designed parking lot or cracks and holes and slippery conditions from weather such as snow, ice and rain.

While a customer could risk a fall or being hit by a vehicle in the parking lot of a shopping establishment, once inside a store, customers can face various risks. First, if the floors of the store are not properly maintained, the customer could suffer an injury while shopping inside of a store.

Moreover, a customer could suffer injuries from falling objects from retail displays, items that are out-of-reach, remodeling sights and other mishaps in the store. In addition, using a shopping cart could present some dangers. If the shopping cart is not properly maintained, this could lead to a fall or the entire cart to tip over, injuring the customer.

Lastly, during peak shopping times or around the holidays, overcrowding could present many risks to shoppers. If a store does not take precautions against overcrowding and trampling, a customer could be injured.

Although shoppers do not often consider the various ways they could be harmed when going on a shopping trip, these types of accidents do happen. When a customer is injured in a slip-and-fall accident or other type of incident at a store, it is important they understand that they might have rights and remedies. premises liability suit could help an injured shopper recover compensation for the damages arising from the incident.

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