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Governor Signs Into Law Requirement For Auto Insurance Companies To Disclose Policy Coverage Limits Prior to Lawsuit



Background of S-1558

On July 22, 2021 Governor Murphy signed into law S-1558. This new law requires auto insurers to disclose policy coverage limits to an injury victim when requested by their attorney. Prior to passage of this significant legislation, New Jersey law required that a lawsuit be filed before policy amounts were disclosed. This meant that countless unnecessary lawsuits were filed so that an injury party and his or her attorney could receive basic information from the insurance company.

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney in New Jersey


The gift of mobility is something we often take for granted. After getting injured, there are many things that you may need assistance with – physical, let alone tedious, tasks. Then, you have  medical bills – and are clouded by those hovering over your head. You probably are not thinking about all of the logistical, administrative, and compensatory tasks. But you should consider at least a few.

When Is a Dog Owner Liable for a Dog Bite in New Jersey?


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in New Jersey

How to Hire a New Jersey Car Accident Attorney?

The vast network of roads and highways in New Jersey means that they are inescapably some of the busiest in the country, thus making car accidents a very common sight, and the predominant auto accident in the state. New Jersey is also by far the most densely populated state in the United States and this leads to congested and dangerous roads.

CARES Act Bankruptcy Provisions Extended Another Year to March 27, 2022


President Biden signed the “COVID-19 Bankruptcy Relief Extension Act” into law on March 27, 2021. Now, personal and small business bankruptcy relief provisions of last year’s CARES act are extended another year up until March 27, 2022.

Does the three-day review on real estate apply to auctions?


In New Jersey, after a buyer and seller sign a contract for purchase/sale of real estate, such as a house, there is typically a three-day attorney review period. This three-day review period is a required clause in real estate contracts. In this three-day period, your attorney may review the contract, and either negotiate changes with the other side or void the contract. Beyond this three-day review period, the terms of the contract are final.

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What Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic Defenses Are There to a Commercial Lease to Stop Eviction or Get Out of a Contract In New Jersey

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