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We at Scura are always thinking about how to help more people. We seek to connect to families and businesses who might be facing a new set of financial woes or physical injures. To that end, we’re always seeking to expand our legal horizons to the world of new media.

The following video is an advertisement you may end up seeing in front of YouTube videos and on digital platforms. Our goal with this campaign is to connect with as many people as we can, demonstrating the value of our legal consultation and support. There are so many lawyers out there who will offer you legal assistance with bankruptcy code and personal injury civil law, but only at Scura can you receive our signature care and support.

10 Ways to Improve Credit After Bankruptcy

It is not an understatement to say that filing for bankruptcy can impact your credit score. Many fear the intense impact such a filing can have on their score, fearing apocalyptic repercussions of such a deal. Many of these anxieties are exaggerated responses, since very often bankruptcy can have a positive impact on those who need relief most. Filing for bankruptcy can result in score improvement between two months and one year of filing if you had serious delinquencies on debts prior. However, those with perfect credit scores or those whose debts primarily that do not show up on New Jersey credit reports, such as medical bills, will often see a significant drop in their credit score after filing for bankruptcy.

Collectibles and Bankruptcy: Keep Your Hands of My Princess Diana Beanie Baby

Everyone possesses something that carries with it great emotional value. It can be a possession we cherish, put on display, tell others its worth, and maintain even as years – decades, even – pass. Some are willing to spend extraordinary amounts of money to get a hold of a collector’s item. Old Civil War weapons, old car models, old film props – all are collector’s items worth thousands to the average collector but worth all the money in the world to those who treasure them.

If you Get into an Accident Riding a Bicycle, Will Insurance Help You?

Every cyclist’s worst fear is being struck by a car while on the road. They might do everything right, driving along the curb with a helmet, a bell, and a light source for night driving. None of that helps when one car jumps the curb and plows into their side. Impact can send a cyclist flying into the fences or tumbling under the wheels of their car. Fear floods the senses, so much that you might not notice your mangled bike or splintered femur. With a bike accident, the injuries are typically more severe because you have nothing to protect you when you are hit and sent to the ground.

If you See Something Traumatic, Can You Sue for Emotional Damages?

Trauma doesn’t come with a price tag. If your car gets broken in, there’s monetary value to how much a new window or door may cost. If your leg breaks, therapy and hospitals will give you a fee for their services to help you heal. However, when it comes to witnessing something horrible, it’s far harder to find an economic value on your experiences.

Insurance Law Covering Accidents Involving Uber And Lyft Drivers and Passengers in NJ

Vehicular accidents come hard and fast, but even when the momentum of the situation hits you, there’s at least that calming voice in your head that tells you “At least I have insurance.” However, what happens if you’re the passenger of an Uber or Lyft car or a pedestrian struck by one of these vehicles? When an accident happens as a result of the negligence of an Uber or Lyft driver, the insurance issues involved differ greatly from a normal auto accident.

How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Score?

A lot of uncertainty comes when filing for bankruptcy. You set out in life with dreams of financial prosperity, only to need bankruptcy relief when life gets in the way. There are several anxieties and fears that will emerge and overwhelm you when you as an individual initially file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Relief. Even though you know this is the best decision for you in the current moment, you cannot help but think of the future and what negative ramifications might sprout from his decision.

One of the most common concerns is that filing for bankruptcy will damage or decrease your credit score. Will declaring bankruptcy bring your credit score down far enough to the point where you will be denied loans and mortgages? What other elements of your life will this impact? While bankruptcy will unavoidably impact your credit score, many do not know in which ways it will be affected. The reality, however, is far less frightening than whatever imagined apocalyptic scenario you imagined. While it might take years to purge a bankruptcy record from your credit history, the reality is you can raise your credit score to a solid level within months of your filing.

Photo Evidence Can Help Win a Car Crash Personal Injuries Suit

The worst has happened. You’re driving your vehicle on the open road, eyes ahead. You are obeying every rule of the road, doing everything right. Then, something strikes your vehicle. Maybe a truck plowed through your passenger door, crunching seat into metal shards. Perhaps a car cut short – too fast for you to swerve out of the way – and you strike it head-on, folding your engine through your steering wheel. Your fingers have fragmented down to the knuckles, your skin is shredded as shards carve jagged gashes, and your passengers lay concussed next to you from heavy trauma to the skull.

How Can Three-Day Review Protect My Rights On Real Estate Contract in New Jersey?

After you make an offer to buy a house and the seller accepts that offer, a pre-printed form of contract is usually prepared by a realtor setting forth the essential terms and is singed by both the buyer and seller. Usually, an initial deposit is provided with an additional deposit to be paid within about ten days of the contract date. Once that process is concluded, however, what comes next?

Suggestions to Witness at a Deposition Trial

Your fundamental and continuing obligation as a witness is to tell the truth. There can be no departure from that rule. However, the following are guidelines that may generally assist you in maximizing your effectiveness as a witness. They are not intended as hard and fast rules but, rather, are provided for your consideration and assistance.

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