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A Snapshot of New Jersey Products Liability Laws

gavel_on_law_bookThrough a products liability lawsuit, a manufacturer or even the seller of a product in New Jersey may be held liable for injury caused to a consumer after using a defective product. In some situations, products liability can be framed as strict liability depending on the nature of the product.

Product liability laws in New Jersey are explained through the New Jersey Products Liability Act. It holds a manufacturer liable for three kinds of defects in a product: manufacturing defects, design defects or inadequate instructions and warnings on the product. A product which contains a defect or inadequate instructions or warnings no longer meets those expectations, and according to New Jersey's products liability law, it is the manufacturer or seller's duty to ensure that the product is safe.

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The main focus of a product liability lawsuit is whether the product is inherently defective. A product may be rendered defective due to various reasons. If the product is flawed in the manufacturing process then the manufacturing flaw renders the manufacturer open to products liability issues.

Furthermore, if a product is sent into the marketplace without adequate warning or instructions then the manufacturer may be held liable for any injury suffered by consumers. Historically, the main criterion that a jury looks for is whether the manufacturer could have reasonably foreseen that the product sold in the marketplace could have caused damage to the consumer.

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The laws of product liability can be nuanced. Therefore, it is important that anyone pursuing a product liability lawsuit understand how the laws affect their unique case. Contact a product liability lawyer at our law firm today for further guidance.

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