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September 22, 2016 Scura Law Firm Family Law

How to Prove a Will Was NOT Made of the Deceased’s Own Free Will

In the typical will contest, a party seeks to invalidate a decedent’s will due to an alleged lack of testamentary capacity and/or undue influence. The battle is often exclusively fought on these two...

March 15, 2015 Scura Law Firm Divorce, Family Law

Ask a Lawyer: How is Alimony Determined in New Jersey?

Unlike child support, alimony in a New Jersey divorce is decided based on many different criteria, including the following:

June 25, 2013 Christopher J. Balala Bankruptcy, Family Law

Child Support Obligations in Consumer Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can help an individual get caught up on missed child support payments (often called "arrears"). Child support is priority debt and non-dischargeable, meaning the debt cannot be wiped out...

June 17, 2011 David L. Stevens Divorce, Bankruptcy, Family Law

Should You File Bankruptcy Before or After a Divorce?

It is well known that the leading cause of divorce is money....or rather the lack of money. What I have come to learn after meeting with many divorced debtors in my bankruptcy practice, is that the...

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