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July 19, 2022 Mark T. Matri Probate and Estate Law

Who Gets My 401(k)?

February 25, 2020 Mark T. Matri

Financial Consequences of a Civil Judgment in New Jersey

Having a civil judgment against you can serious financial consequences. First, civil judgments can be recorded as liens against any land you own within New Jersey. Judgment liens have to be satisfied...

November 4, 2019 Mark T. Matri

What Are Disorderly Persons Offenses & Conditional Dismissal in NJ?

The State of New Jersey does not use the often-heard terminology of “felonies” and “misdemeanors” when classifying criminal offenses, but rather classifies criminal infractions as either indictable...

October 21, 2019 Mark T. Matri

Who Will Benefit From Your Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance policies are a frequently utilized estate planning tool. A life insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and the insured for the benefit of the beneficiary. Vasconi v....

July 11, 2019 Mark T. Matri Litigation

Enforcing Interlocutory Orders in NJ

“Lawsuits are war. It’s as simple as that and they all begin the same way; a declaration of war: the complaint.” -John Grisham, A Civil Action. After the complaint, the war is waged through discovery...

April 8, 2019 Mark T. Matri Foreclosure

A New Jersey Residential Foreclosure Road Map

Foreclosure is the judicial process by which a lender takes title and possession to property after a homeowner stops making mortgage payments. Generally, a “mortgage” is comprised of a promissory...

February 14, 2019 Mark T. Matri Employment Law

New Jersey's Wage and Hour Law

New Jersey’s Wage and Hour Law (the “NJW&H Law”) protects the rights of most hourly employees. If you are an employee being paid on hourly basis, whether minimum wage or not, it is important to...

August 17, 2017 Mark T. Matri Business Law

Defending Against a NJ Construction Lien Claim

If you are a property owner who has had a construction lien filed against your property, you may have defenses allowing you to discharge the lien at the lien claimant’s expense. Liens against...

July 11, 2017 Mark T. Matri Litigation

Plaintiff Seeking: Immediate Relief

The primary relief sought by plaintiffs in civil actions is money damages. Over the life of the lawsuit, the typical plaintiff fears a defendant will take actions which increase those damages,...

July 7, 2017 Mark T. Matri

Are You an “Oppressed” Minority Shareholder?

The New Jersey Shareholders Protection Act (the “Act”) enumerated laws that protect minority shareholders in closely held corporations from “oppression” by the majority shareholders. The Act provides...

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