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Consumer Injury and Filing a Products Liability Claim

injured_hand_with_bandageIt happens every day, residents in New Jersey purchase goods at the store either out of necessity or desire. Whether it is a home good, children's toy or an automobile, these products were designed specifically for a particular use. But when there is a manufacturing error or a design defect, a consumer could be greatly harmed by this now dangerous product.

While consumer injury is not the first thing on the mind of a consumer when they purchase a product, it is a real possibility that could seriously or fatally injure a consumer and others in their household. When a consumer is injured by a product, the idea of product liability is often addressed.

Product Liability Legalities

Product liability involves the legalities establishing who is responsible for a defective or dangerous product that injured a consumer. In these matters, manufacturers and sellers can be held liable for placing the defective product in the hands of the injured consumer.

Whether it is a design, manufacturing or marketing defect, when a consumer is injured, they should understand how to prove these defects and how to recover for the injuries caused by them. A design defect concerns a flaw in the intentional design of the product, while manufacturing defects concern flaws in the finished product that are not in line with the designer's or manufacturer's own specifications. Lastly, marketing defects relate to improper labeling of the product, insufficient instructions or failing to warn consumers of hidden dangers.

Contact a New Jersey Product Liability Attorney

Any of these types of defects could be the cause of a products liability action initiated by an injured consumer. In these matters, proper investigation should take place to help prove these causes. In addition, victims harmed by a dangerous product should seek guidance from a New Jersey product liability attorney about their legal remedies and what steps they should take to recover.

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