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Helping Victims with a Premises Liability Claim after a Fall

premises-liability-claimPremises Liability in New Jersey

As a general rule, property owners owe a duty of care to those visiting or entering their property. Whether it is private property such as a home or property open to the public, such as a business or a store, property owners are expected to eliminate hazards on the property that could cause injury or harm to visitors. Because of this, when a visitor is harmed on the premises of another, it is important to understand if the property owner is responsible, and if so, how to hold them liable.

Our law firm understands that New Jersey residents enter the property of another with the assumption that the property is safe and free from hazards. Because of this, when a person suffers an injury on someone else's property, such as a slip-and-fall accident, it can be a very shocking incident. Moreover, if the victim has serious injuries, this could lead to hefty financial burdens associated with the medical expenses and lost wages from the injuries.

Slip-and-fall incidents could occur for numerous reasons, and our attorneys are knowledgeable about the applicable laws in these matters. We are skilled at investigating the accident site, uncovering details and determining whether negligence caused the accident. We have helped past clients hold negligent property owners responsible for the injuries, damages and losses caused by a slip-and-fall on his or her property.

A sudden trip, slip or fall on someone else's property might seem like a minimal incident; however, these types of accidents can lead to injuries that could get progressively worse over time. Victims should not only take action to address the medical concerns resulting from the fall, but should also understand the possible civil actions that are available. To learn more, contact one of our Premises Liability attorneys. This site provides a general overview and the information could help injured victims make informed decisions regarding their situation.

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