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New Jersey Attorneys Weigh In On Custody In Divorce or Separation

March 1, 2015 Scura Law Firm Divorce, Custody

child-custody-lawyers-in-njWhen parents divorce or separate, it is necessary to determine where your child or children will live and how their relationship with the parent who no longer lives in their home will continue. You likely need a child custody court order whether or not you and the other parent of your child are or have ever been married to each other. Our experienced New Jersey attorneys represent mothers and fathers in child custody disputes involving any of these relationships:

Our New Jersey Attorneys Represent the Following Situations:

  • Parents who are unmarried and have never lived together
  • Parents who are unmarried but have cohabited for a long period of time
  • Parents who are preparing to separate or are planning a New Jersey Divorce
  • Parents who are already divorced or separated, and seek a modification of a child custody court order
  • Non-biological parents who believe they have grounds to seek visitation or custody of a child: for example, a same-sex partner of an adoptive or biological parent, or a grandparent

Whatever your circumstances, please understand that the underlying concern in all child custody negotiations and treatment of child custody in family law court is the child's best interests. The legal lawyers at Scura, Wigfield, Heyer & Stevens, LLP, is available to advocate on your behalf and on behalf of your children when child custody is in question

Newark Custody Dispute Lawyer

Giving priority to the best interests of the child may mean that a parent will adjust to the idea of not having joint custody, but rather, agreeing to a visitation schedule. It may also mean that a family law court will not discriminate on the basis of gender, but rather, will give due consideration to fathers' rights to maintain parental ties with their children.

Need a lawyer referral? Whatever your needs, whether it's regarding your children or anything and everything legal, lawyers are your best bet. Contact the New Jersey attorneys at Scura to schedule a consultation.

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