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Protecting Your Rights After a New Jersey Slip and Fall

grocery_store_aisleWhether you realize it or not, most days residents of New Jersey and elsewhere enter the property of others. This could occur when an individual is shopping, dropping of mail, going to a meeting at an office building or even stopping by at a neighbor's house. While the act of entering another's property seems rather routine and relatively safe, this action could cause an individual to encounter serious dangers that could lead to property accidents.

Standard of Care for Property Owners

Our law firm understands that individuals expect a certain level of care by property owners when he or she enters the owner's home or place of business. Failure to meet this duty of care could come in various forms, such as failing to address a slippery floor, fixing a broken step, providing enough light in a parking lot or failing to address other similar dangerous situations.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident is a common property liability incident caused by dangerous property. The injured individual could suffer greatly from a slippery surface, damaged walkway or faulty stairway. This could result in the injured victim requiring medical care to address the injuries suffered. Additionally, temporary or permanent disabilities could arise from the unexpected property accident, resulting in hefty future medical bills.

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If it is determined that a negligent property owner was at fault, those harmed could file an action against the property owner, holding him or her responsible for the dangerous condition and the damages and losses related to it. Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with premises liability cases. We are knowledgeable with the process and have helped past client successfully hold negligent property owners liable for the damages they caused an injured victim.

Contacting an Insurance Lawyer in New Jersey

No matter the cause of a slip and fall incident, it is important that you understand the rights afforded to visitors injured on a property. To learn more, contact an insurance lawyer in New Jersey today. This could provide general information about the situation and the possible actions those harmed by a dangerous property could take.

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