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Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez
Carlos is first and foremost a father. Having been born in Lima, Peru and raised in the inner cities of Elizabeth, NJ, Carlos understands what it is like to fight for those people that cannot represent themselves. Carlos has made it his commitment to supply his clients with personalized attention, comprehensive advice and sound legal strategies. Carlos is fluent in Spanish and has dedicated himself to bringing awareness on how our bankruptcy laws can help those in difficult situations.

Recent Posts

Student Loan Debt Reform: What Is The Fresh Start Through Bankruptcy Act of 2021?

As the student loan debt crisis in America becomes more alarming, and with the U.S. reaching $1.73 trillion dollars student loan debt, the options to eliminate such debts are grim at best. As recent report published by the Student Debt Crisis Center states that “90% of federal student loan borrowers are not ready to resume payments on October 1, 2021.

What You Need to Know About Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Round 2 in New Jersey

What The SBA Is Doing To Help the Self Employed And the Small Business Community

If You Are Self-Employed or Have a Small Business, You Need To Read This:

Due to the current economic and social landscape caused by COVID-19, schools are closed, people are under quarantine, there’s a shortage of medical supplies across the country, and businesses (whether considered essential or not) have been forced to shut down their operations and lay people off. As I write this, a record 6.65 million peopled filed jobless claims in the week that ended on March 28 according to the Labor Department – doubling the prior week’s jobless claims of 3.31 million.

Tax Season 2020: Can You Discharge Income Taxes Through NJ Bankruptcy?

The April 15th tax deadline is right around the corner, and if you already owe income taxes for previous tax years, you could be facing an even larger tax debt when the dust settles. The IRS is a notorious creditor and if you take the “bury your head in the sand” approach like most people do (unfortunately), the IRS will start garnishing wages, seizing bank accounts, and start levying your home and other personal property. Nevertheless, you still have other options. Bankruptcy is a great tool to help you minimize your existing tax debt and this blog will explore how bankruptcy can help you get rid of some of that unwanted tax debt.

The Rise in Health Insurance Costs and Medical Bills And How Bankruptcy Can Help


Unlike other financial issues such as credit card debt, medical debt is not caused by unwise monetary choices, but rather it is often caused by unforeseen circumstances. The issue is cyclical: You are in debt because of unforeseen medical circumstances and the financial stress that comes with these additional medical expenses causes you to get sicker and deeper into medical debt. 

The Foreclosure Process and Bankruptcy: How to Save Your Home


Update as of 6/14/2021

Jamal Romero, Esq: The Moratorium is almost over which means a lot of you are thinking what happens next. Will there be a new program that allows me to roll my forbearance payments to the end? What steps should I take to ensure my house does not get sold at a foreclosure sale? 

This blog might answer most, if not all of your questions.

Most homeowners don’t pay enough attention to educating themselves about the foreclosure process. Look at it this way, if you’re buying a home and don’t know the foreclosure process and your options, you’re like a soldier without a rifle - you are flying blind my home-owning friend. Educating yourself about the foreclosure process and your options should be one of the first things a homeowner should do before or after buying a home. This blog will explore the foreclosure process and how you could save your home or investment property through a bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy and Executory Contracts: You Have Options

Executory-ContractIn a recent experience with a client (“Jane Doe”), she began by telling me that after six months of infusing her franchise with cash directly from her retirement accounts, the franchise was doing poorly and she had no idea how to get out of the hole. To add salt to the wound, she had personally guaranteed i) the lease to the commercial space; ii) the franchise agreement; and the small business loan that the business needed to get started. This is obviously a worse case scenario for a business owners, especially if the business isn’t making any profit because its only a matter of time before the business shuts down and the creditors start coming after the business owner. After an hour of getting a sense of her personal and business finances, I began to explain to Mrs. Doe, the different options she had and how these “Executory Contracts” would be treated within her bankruptcy.

The Rise of Auto Loan Delinquencies: How Can Bankruptcy in NJ Help?


According to a recent study conducted by the Federal Bank Reserve of New York, 7 million Americans with auto loans were 90 or more days delinquent in 2018.  More importantly, the study demonstrates that majority of those who were delinquent on their auto loans were low- to middle-income borrowers, under 30 years of age, and with subprime credit scores (credit scores of 620 and lower).

Filing for Bankruptcy with A Side of Divorce Proceeding



Filing for divorce is never an easy process. This can become more complicated when one of the spouses seeks to file for bankruptcy in the middle of a pending divorce proceeding. This blog will explore the factors that individuals need to consider if they’re looking to file for bankruptcy while their divorce proceeding is pending.

The Effects of Bankruptcy on Current & Future Employment

RET_005_help wanted sign.jpg

Individuals who are considering filing for bankruptcy may be concerned about the effect that the bankruptcy filing will have on their current job or future job offers. They may be asking: will my employer will find out about my bankruptcy? Can I be terminated because I filed for bankruptcy? Can I be denied potential employment because of the bankruptcy filing?

Section 525 of the United States Bankruptcy Code places limits on whether an employer can discriminate against someone because of a bankruptcy. Unfortunately, a lot of people looking to file for bankruptcy are misinformed or just don’t know the effects of a bankruptcy filing on current or future employment. Here is what you need to know:

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