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Assessing Damages Suffered in a Car Accident


While many drivers in New Jersey work hard to drive safe and avoid collisions, even the safest driver cannot evade the unfortunate occurrence of a negligent driver crashing into his or her vehicle. Whether they were speeding, intoxicated, fatigued or reckless, when a car accident occurs, those harmed could suffer greatly.

What Damages Can Be Claimed in a Personal Injury Suit?

An injured victim of a car crash is likely to incur expenses such as medical bills, and if a personal injury claim is filed against a negligent driver at fault in the crash, the suit could seek compensation for these losses. But what else could this cause of action cover? Can other damages be claimed in a personal injury action?

Helping Victims Establish Liability Following a Car Crash in New Jersey


It is an unfortunate reality to face, but essentially every time an individual travels on the roadways, they are at risk of being involved in an accident. New Jersey residents are also aware that these dangers do not only impact other drivers and passengers on the roads but also pedestrians and cyclists traveling on the roadways as well. Our law firm understands that the risks associated with a car accident are often attributed to a driver's negligence. Because of this, injured victims and family members of deceased victims should note the rights they might have following a car crash.

Ten Critical Steps To Take With Any Accident To Protect Your Rights

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Close to six million car accidents happen each year in the United States.  The seriousness of accidents range from those only involving property damage to those involving serious personal injury and death.  You should always take minimum steps if you are involved in any type of accident.  The below list is not complete, but at least highlights some of the minimum things to do to best protect your rights.

Driving Under Influence is a Leading Cause of Car Accidents


Injuries suffered in a car accident can be severe and victims may be an innocent bystander, a pedestrian, another vehicle's driver or the driver responsible for the accident itself. However, some cases exist where an accident is not the fault of the driver. In New Jersey, such cases of no-fault car accidents are very rare because the leading cause of the state's car accidents is distracted driving.

Transit Accident? Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

New Jersey Bus Accident Attorney

A bus or train accident can result in catastrophic and even fatal injuries for passengers and the occupants of other vehicles. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an accident with a New Jersey transit vehicle, you want an experienced lawyer helping you get the medical care you need and financial compensation you deserve.


Contact New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers for Fatal Car Accident Cases

If you have lost a loved one in a car accident, it can be an emotional experience. You may feel anger or sadness for losing a spouse of your child before his or her time. You may also feel confusion over the steps you need to take after the car accident. We can help.

Reminder from Injury Lawyers: December is Impaired Driving Prevention Month

In a gesture that all injury lawyers can appreciate, the White House has announced that December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. The announcement emphasizes that is time to focus national efforts toward recognizing the risks and reducing the prevalence of drugged driving.

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